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Survey Tabulation Outsourced Services

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Data Tabulation Services
You can outsource your market research, customer satisfaction, or other important data tabulation project. Appian Analytics can get your tabulation project done quickly and cost effectively. Plus, you get added benefits of a wide variety of output formats, automatically generated graphs, and other expert analytical services for fast turnaround, advanced capability, and clean outputs.

Additionally, Appian Analytics has expertise in a wide variety of industries and their data models. This means that we can work with industry and scientific data sets above and beyond questionnaire data. Its no problem to integrate multiple disparate data sets into one complete analysis.

Survey Tabulation Services:

  • Simple and complex nested cross tabulations
  • Calculate base counts and frequencies
  • Stub and banner tables, row and column percents, marginals
  • Sample balancing and weighting
  • Statistical significance testing, confidence intervals, T and Z tests, ANOVA, Chi-Square
  • Mean analysis with mean, median, mode, max, min, standard deviation, and standard error
  • Advanced formatting options such as: HTML output with hyperlink table of contents, table shading and font embellishment, highlighting significant scores, and more
  • Experts in automating tracking studies (see automation)
  • Automated stock graphing in PowerPoint, Excel, and/or Word (see formats)
  • Platforms: GMI Research Analyzer, Quantum, WinCross, SPSS tables, and Quanvert
  • Output Formats: Microsoft Word, RTF, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint (Charts), XML, Triple-S, ASCII, and more
  • Automatically generated table index with formats that provide links between the document index and each individual table
  • Experts in the Dimensions Data Model (SPSS MR Data Model)

Tabulation Applications:

  • Market research surveys
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Demographic studies
  • Business to business assessments
  • Multi-store analysis
  • Brand tracking
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Political and public opinion

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