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Data File Conversion Services

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Data conversion, migration, and ETL
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Outsourced Data File Conversion Services
Do you have a difficult data conversion or data migration project that you would like to get completed quickly and cost effectively? It doesn't matter if the data you need to access came out of a mainframe or desktop computer. It doesn't matter if the data is on a tape silo cartridge or a CD-ROM, Appian Analytics has many years of experience obtaining data from virtually any media source or file and converting that data into a usable format.

What's more, Appian Analytics will not only read your data from your media format and convert it, but we will also provide a range of services to make that data usable. Appian Analytics will transform (ETL) your data into a flat file or relational database scheme that will make the data usable by you and your staff. Don't mess around with vendors who are not capable of giving you the complete solution!

Data File Conversion Media Formats:
Nine track
3480/3490/3490E 4/8mm DAT cartridges 1/4" QIC cartridges
DVD/CD Jazz/Zip/ Iomega DLT Cartridges FTP/Internet formats
E-mail LS120 6150 cartridge EDI

Legacy Data
Appian Analytics specializes in complex and mainframe type data formats that reside in a company's legacy systems. Many times companies have data locked away in their systems and have little if any access to the data for use in analysis and reporting. Appian Analytics can unlock your legacy data and get you a ready-to-use database quickly and easily.

Data Conversion File Format Samples:

AS 400 Binary
COBOL Comma Delimited DB2 dBaseII/III/IV/V
DataFlex Dialog DIF EDI (EDIFACT/x.12)
Foxbase FoxPro GoldMine Gupta SQL
Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft SQL Server Oracle
SPLUS Paradox PDF Quanvert
SAS SPSS Statistica Sybase
Visual dBase Telemagic Variable Block Variable Length
XML Visual FoxPro Watcom SQL WordPerfect

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