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SPSS Dimensions MR Data Model

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Using the SPSS Dimensions MR Data Model for Research Automation
The SPSS Dimensions MR Data Model is a uniform data model that stores market research data. This data model is a corner stone of the SPSS product line and has become the source format behind its applications. This data model facilitates highly efficient interaction between SPSS applications and the raw data. Additionally, the data model is “open” in the sense that the communication methodology is shared with the public in order to facilitate seamless, 3d party access to the underlying data.

Appian Analytics has developed a great deal of expertise in the SPSS Dimensions MR Data Model. Our research automation library is able to directly connect with the data model to perform automated data processing, tabulation, statistical analysis, data formatting, and graphing. By leveraging the SPSS Dimensions MR Data model via Appian’s Research Automation Library, analytical processes can be performed very quickly and with little human intervention.

The Appian Analytics Research Automation Library and SPSS Dimensions MR Data Model working together enable a large volume of analytics to be performed in an automated fashion. This enables high volume data processing, statistical analysis, and full graphical reporting. Applications include: tracking studies, multi-store/business unit analysis, multi-region analysis, hierarchical reporting, fully customized benchmark reporting, and much more.

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