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Appian Analytics provides a thorough set of quality assurance and testing management services. As a specialized software development company with specific services in analytic processing, we have deep experience in quality assurance methods. Our software development and services involve development and execution of complex quantitative analyses, data processing, and computer modeling. These services have helped us to develop work-class capabilities in quality assurance and data validation.

Appian also has experience using and interpreting quality assurance surveillance plans (QASP). Development of a comprehensive QASP is done in conjunction with the quality assurance plan and includes a timeline related to performing surveillance activities, the methods which will be used to monitor performance, the measures which will be used to evaluate performance, and what standards will be used to evaluate performance. Metrics can include periodic inspections or reviews of the quality assurance process and performance measured in terms of bugs caught, accuracy of keeping the bug tracking system up to date, accuracy at documenting defects, etc.

While each project is unique, there are tried-and-true quality assurance methodologies and testing approaches. These techniques are industry recognized and critical to effectiveness of the quality assurance process. Appian Analytics has a great deal of experience in the following techniques:

  • Requirements Testing - Testing source documentation and technical information related to calcluations and/or the design and development of systems is the first key step in the data and analytics quality assurance process. This activity includes developing functional specifications, analytical use cases, input data validation, algorithm and function testing, usability testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Analytics and Calculation Testing - Testing calculations and other analytical methodologies and algorithms is a highly specialized field of quality assurance. The team at Appian has specialized methodologies to use in testing your algorithms using techniques such as sophisticated randomized data generation as inputs, using completely separate systems to confirm calculations and more.
  • Core Testing Method - System quality assurance and testing methodologies form the core of system testing as performed in quality assurance. Some general approaches leveraged from software quality assurnace includes: Black Box, White Box, Unit Testing, Integration tests, Regression testing, and Automated Testing.
  • Field Testing - Traditionally, Alpha and Beta testing has been performed by end-users but more and more this is being conducting by professional firms. The reason is that consumer and commercial users are providing less feedback. Also, the feedback received can be less valuable than the thorough test results provided by professional firms.
  • System Performance and Load Testing - Testing the systems for big data and large user load are essential to confirming the success of a new software or service. Appian has specialized and automated tools to measuring performance under varying levels of resource availability and load levels. This testing includes a quantitative matrix of the performance under different load levels and resource sets.

Appian Analytics can help your review and assure your analytical methods and output data as needed. These services can be part of audit and verification services useful to confirm new software and services.

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